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"There are four needs in all people: To live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy" Stephen R. Covey

I am a nurse practitioner who created this  informational web site when I was in school for an assignment. The topic I chose was on promoting the sharing of personal legacies. This naturally led me to wills and the preparation (or lack there of ) for our families after we are gone.  The three wishes mentioned in the title are:

A gift of Love and Gratitude

A gift of Financial Organization

A gift of Knowledge of your Wishes

I have also added other topics of interest to me and a few past research papers.

please see the links page and the References at the end of each topic for more information.


I just found out about a beautiful DVD that is in the same vein as the Knowledge of your Wishes category

Check it out at www.considertheconversation.org


"In the commonality of our humanity we are all ordinary. In the commonality of our divinity, we are all extraordinary."  J Megiddo

 Think about how important your family is to you and you will realize how vital it is to tell them how you feel about them, plan ahead financially for them and communicate your values, beliefs and wishes.

 It is the ultimate expression of your love to plan for your family in the future, communicate how you feel and express your wishes now, and include the time you will no longer be here.

 This is something that can be done now, today at any time and by every adult.

We need to change the concept from a will, or something you do when you are dying, to a gift  or something that you can do any time.

 Three gifts

Nature has endowed all of us with three great gifts.

A life span in this world (time), material resources (wealth), and skills (knowledge). These gifts Are handed out in different quantities to each one of us. We are not accountable for how much of each of these gifts we receive. But we are accountable for how we use them in the service of humanity. As we conduct affairs of our lives, we need to share these gifts with those who have been given less, we need to make sure that we give some of our time to those who ask for it, some of our wealth to those who need it more than we do, and some of our knowledge to those who may benefit from it. You would be surprised to find that when we share these gifts, they do not diminished but they actually grow.

~Dr. Mohammed Safuddin


We are each unique and sacred beings. We all have both ordinary and extraordinary gifts...valuable experiences and life lessons to transmit to others.~ Rachel Freed

  Our families and loved ones are the source of our strength and resilience

-A Native American Elder

I have felt perpetual gratitude to heaven for having given me, in you, a source of so much pure and unmixed happiness.

~ Thomas Jefferson 


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

 -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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