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 For More Information on each of the 3 gifts mentioned:

Here are some valuable links for each area:

The gift of Love and Gratitude~


Why write an ethical will?

The ethical will:

Many posts from Rachel Freed on memory letters on

Creating lasting legacies on

Preserving family memories: beyond pictures:

How do you want to be remembered?



Baines, B.K. (2006). Ethical wills: Putting your values on paper. Cambridge, De Capo Press

Riemer, J., & Stampfer, N. (1991). So that your values live on: Ethical wills and how to prepare them. Woodstock, VT: Jewish Lights.

Financial Organization~


Dave Ramsey love drawer or legacy drawer:

Dave Ramsey also has a lot of financial books such as Financial Peace and Total money makeover, websites, podcasts seminars, classes, and a radio and tv show all revolving around financial education and debt freedom.

Legal zoom to create a will:

Do your own will: 

U.S. legal:

Knowledge of Wishes~


Atul Gwande Letting go, what should medicine do when it cant save your life? (2010). The New Yorker. Retrieved from

Advanced cancer care planning: Preparation at the end of life.(2009). Retrieved from

Changing expectations for end of life "Raising expectations and empoering the community to want and demand a diffferent health care experience": Closure (2011). Retrieved from

"Fight to improve the lifes of people affected by cancer": Livestrong:

"5 Wishes or my choices for the person I want to make care decisions for me when I cant, the kind of medical treatment I want or don't want, how comfortable i want to be, how I want people to treat me, what I want my loved ones to know." at 















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