Qin Shi Huang

At age 13 Qin Shi Huang declared himself the first emperor of China

When he became emperor he started work on his tomb to protect him in the afterlife.

This tomb is in Xian China and is famous for its life size terracotta statues:

8,000 soilders each with unique facial features and dressed in corresponding uniforms

130 chariots

530 horses

150 Calvary horses 

To read more see:

Terracotta warriors. (2008). World heritage Sites. Retrieved from http://www.globalmountainsummit.org/terra-cotta-warriors.html

Many of us have not given a thought

to preparation for our death.

—As many as 56% of Americans do not have a will (linkedin.com)
—As many as 78% of us die without a will (cbsnews.com)
—And about 75% of Americans do not have any advanced directives. (life-legacies.com)
—70% of those polled stated they would prefer to die at home, but in reality 75% of Americans die in medical institutions. (Time/CNN)
Average amount of time spent planning a wedding is between 50-100 hours.


But ...in a research study on funerals, 90% of families met with the funeral home director for two hours or less. (flashman,et al)


There are probably many more reasons, as individual as each person, which change over time.

There have been many studies that focused on death anxiety and fear assessment as well as death denial - most through self reported questionnaires or scales

But studies found that fear denial and ambivalence are the most frequent interpretations of orientations toward death.


Possibly ...


We would rather pretend we are immortal
we are afraid to think or talk about aging illness or death
 we see illness as weak and death as a failure.


The 3 gifts for your loved ones…

 can be broken down into three simple but needed areas:

1. Gratitude (Legacy Aspect)

2. Financial Organization (Will Aspect)

3. Knowledge of Wishes (Advanced Directives)

Reinvent the idea of a will from something sad and final to a ongoing gift of love and gratitude for your family.

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